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June 2, 2017

Summer Season Officially begins!! 
Now that the water has warmed and the skies have cleared, BP will reopen for yet another exhilerating season on the water




to Paddleboard


We offer assistance near our launch station to help establish the foundational skills. You can then build the skills and confidence to make your solo trip.

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Paddleboarding can be more than just a leisure activity! Take a moment to explore the rest of our website, as well as our social medias (@baypaddleboarding) to see what our previous guests have to say about their time on the water!

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Welcome to Bay Paddleboarding!

At Bay Paddleboarding, we're all about creating memorable experiences unique to each and every guest. Whether you're in the mood to relax in the harbor or get a full-body workout in, Bay Paddleboarding has something for you.


1 Hour: $30

2 Hours: $40

Full Day: $80

One-of-a-kind experiences


Explore the harbor and test your own limits in a way like nothing else. It'll be the most amazing moments of your time on the island.